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Le Gasp!! i is movings

it turns out i can't post from my DSi but i can from my compy, i'm moving across town in june and might be gone for a while but untill then i plan to talk to jarri untill my eyes bleed from screen light damage

i have a small appartment now, i need to sign the lease still but it's going to be mine and i hope that people will makke it to my house warming party, i wish you all could come but you're all so far away.

Buuuuuuttt....if some of you could make it the day i'm moving in is june 15

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Congrats on the apartment! Wish I could go, but I'm currently stranded in the utter middle of nowhere, Alaska. :-P You still in SE Idaho? I tracked down a bunch of Utah furs, if you're interested....
Yeah, still in idaho falls. i`d love to talk to a bunch of utah tell you the truth...i didn`t think there where any furs in utah. but i`d love to make more friends!
Hiya! Sorry for taking so long to get back to yah--it's been a crazy summer. *hugs* At AFF I met Damon Husky, moderator of the Utah furs' yahoo group and all around nice guy, and he told me there were a bunch of Northern Utah furs that didn't really have many other people in their area to hang out with. I mentioned there were several Southwest Ideaho furs with the same problem, and we decided that maybe it'd be kinda fun to see if y'all couldn't get together and do something sometime. So if you're interested, the Utah Furs group is, and I'm sure they'd be happy to have some Idafurs join up looking for friends!
awsome. hey jar? call me sometime. My phone cant call out to long distance nums but you could call me. my num is 1-208-541-6444
Sure, wehn's good for you?
Hell....anytime. i might cough a bit on the phone. but it`s cause i have allergies. *hugs jarri*
The post above was done by me...friggen E-mail reply feature....