John (sphinxbait) wrote in idaho_furs,

In your own private [REDACTED]

The above joke must get old as hell.

Looks more likely than not, myself and anya_silverfur will be moving to Boise by the start of June. I'm joining the ranks of Micron and definitely looking forward to Boise and Idaho. Unfortunately, we don't know ANYBODY up there. So, just thought it might be a good time to start waving around and maybe get to know a few of ya before we make the leap!

I'll leave anya_silverfur to introduce herself, but allow me a moment to introduce myself.

I am (soon to be) an Electrical Engineer. Lived in Colorado for most of my life, used to ski and enjoy the outdoors... then I went to engineering school and haven't seen the sun as much as I'd like. In my free time, I am a huge rock band nerd and enjoy EVE online. Also, I enjoy video games of all types. Love chatting tech, and been trying to get into some more hobbies like building cosplay props.

AIM: Sphinxbait
YIM: SphinxbaitNCO

The hope is we will be moving up there at the start of June. Look forward to meeting you all!
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