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Magical flying sleighs BEFORE eating till yo pass out watching football?

What`s the deal with putting up christmas stuffage now? dose thanksgiving no longer exist?

i want your guys takes on do all my funtastic furry friends feel about the lack of thanksgiving aknowledgement in teh country?
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What`s the deal with putting up Christmas stuff age now? Dose thanksgiving no longer exist? The answer, not the best answer mind you, is money… Which makes the most….
The world revolves around one thing,,,, money. It is unfortunate that what was meant to be a religious celebration of life has turned into economic competition between retailers. They strive to outdo each other and feed the riotous mobs of shoppers trying to save enough money only to go spend that savings at the next retailer. This competition has pushed holiday advertisements as early as June in some cases. This “chumming” if you will, is all cumulated for one of the most dangers shopping days of the year. “Black Friday “(now there is an appropriate name)! If you don’t believe me try going to any Wal Mart this Nov. 27 at 4:00am! Yep, some celebration of life we got here!!!
But as long as I’m on my soap box anyway, what is it with trying to downplay or even trying to abolish the holidays? It was originally meant for people to come together and celebrate the good things in life. It has been for centuries. Why is it now we are seeing law suites and political pressure every time the name “Christmas” comes up? The answer is again “money.” There is a profit to be made and you can bet your bottom dollar some body will be going after it. Even if it is just promoting chaos.
I’m being cynical you say? Yes I am! I’m trying to make a point.
We should, no, have to start reaching out to one another, helping up the ones who need it, the ones who need help, do so respectfully and gracefully and in return passing on this help. Hence the concept of paying it forward. We have to put aside our petty self righteous and moralistic attitudes and come together for the mutual good. It doesn’t matter what god you fallow, what matters is all believe we are equal. This Christmas season (yes I did say that, it’s my choice and I stand behind it), instead of buying those Al Monty socks and silk tie, go get two packages of good sport socks or T Shirts, and give one to the local Mission House. Get two smaller turkeys or hams and give one to the family down the road who haven’t had any work in over a year. Even if it’s no more than walking up to a soldier and saying thank you, do it! Make it personal and take ownership for what you do. This one selfless act will do more for making you feel personally more fulfilled than competing for “the more prestigious gift given” ever will, and will save a few almighty dollars. I know this from personal experience.
I know, I’m just one whisper in all the chaos but if just one listens then my words have not been in vain. If two, then I have succeeded beyond my wildest expectations. If nothing else when you walk away, take with you my wish for a “Merry Christmas” and “Good Will go with you for all your days”.
Puma Concolor
*stares slack-jawed at the huge post* sweet cracker sandwich....that musta taken a while....
write that free hand and i have two words for you: carple tunnle.
but thanks. that was informative, anyone else have views on this?
One would be amazed what one can do with the proper motivation LOL.
Really? what can one do?
And this wasn't enough? *looking over the post again* Lets see what others have to say. If anyone reads your post I'm sure we'll see some interesting responses. I'm going to set back sip a hot toddy, and watch the fun...
speaking of cool, my library has a mork and mindy dvd box set you can check out
Hmmmm I have Mash and some old Red Skelton myself... Next time your over this side of the state bring yours with you.