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Pocatello(-area) furs unite!

Oooh! It got quiet on here! o.0 So let's do something! How about...furmeet in Pocatello! Everyone get there now! Actually, totally I'm just stealing this text from from Rut (the organizer)'s FA:

just set up a little meet and greet here in Poky, be nice to meet a person or two :P

If you know anybody in Pocatello, give them a holler :D

Place: Caldwell Park [E. Center str.]
Date: Friday, April 8th
Time:beginnign at 5-7 PM until we either decide to stop or fall asleep :D

Hell, I even got a couple Digorno pizzas~, a bucket of ice cream, corn dogs if yo uwant~, I unwittingly got set up grocery shopping XD

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2224816
Tags: furmeet!, pocatello
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Furries we need to organize some more furmeets n events for this year, I need to find other furries! I am in Jackpot and I am the only Furry here, please help build a furry comunity in Nevada and Idaho.