JiaSaykea (jiasaykea) wrote in idaho_furs,

Fur-Eh! - Western Canada's Furry Convention


Have you heard about Alberta's first fully fledged furry convention? Fur-Eh! It’s at the Edmonton Hilton Garden Inn on May 4th-6th. Finally! A convention in Western Canada, and easily accessible if you’re coming over the border. As it’s our first year, the theme is Canadiana, so there’s some pretty sweet canuck inspired swag to bring home (toques, scarves, jerseys, collectable furry hockey cards and more!), not to mention access to a few Canadian artists that you might not otherwise see down south! If you want to know more (GoH, programming, registration, etc.), visit the Fur-Eh! website at: http://www.fureh.ca

Spread the word. See you in May!
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