Idaho furs, weres, fantasy lovers, etc!

Heck, if you live in Idaho and are relatively open-minded, join.

Idaho Furs, Weres, and those that love them!
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This is a community for furs, weres and fantasy lovers from anywhere in Idaho, for discussion of events, trips, conventions or furmeets. Had a really good day somewhere in Idaho? Post about it! See some awesome wildlife and want to tell someone about it? Tell us!

PLEASE keep it civil. Trolling, insulting, or being mean will NOT be tolerated.

Any questions? Direct them to the admin (currently jarrardi, zeek_calzaya, and kitefeathers. More may be added.).

Admin email addies (remove the spaces):

Jarrardi - thejarrardi @ msn.com
Kite - kitesuna @ hotmail.com
Zeek - ezekielharrison @ gmail.com

Other Idaho fur links/resources:

The Idaho Furs Yahoo Group
FurAffinitys Idahofurs group
Jarrardi's Furry Convention Pictures

(Feel free to suggest any other Idaho furry links/resources!)